Hey take care of me

Bring that pink and black paddle over here and spank me a lot a lot a lot

I need xoxo’s all over my ass and legs.

I’m sure that will make me feel much better.



This sucks

Don’t even


I really can’t with my feels

I love jaquie

I love this women I’ve meet In casper. I love and appreciate her opening her business and home to me. I want to express so bad how grateful I am to her. I love how when I make a dish wrong she doesn’t just tell me how to cook her recipes but she’ll show me. I love her patience and acceptance. I love how she’s like me with her openness but keeps a strong boundary around herself. I love how cynical and comedic she is. I will never forget her. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to help her more as she teaches me so much without her even trying.

The moment he over reacts and manhandles me, it’s because he has anxieties and doesn’t know how to put words together and react right

Moment I yell, it’s because I’m crazy.

I’m seriously done with ya’ll


I always feel bad because those grassroots folks are like “do you have time for gay rights?”

I do

but you want my credit card number

I don’t have time for that

These jobs don’t not support ‘right’ but as much as they support a monopoly on oppressed people.


Fuck you seriously.

Yeah I’m mad

You don’t defend an asshole. You don’t defend someone that thinks it’s okay to hit someone for something unrelated. YOU DONT DEFEND SOMEONE THAT PUTS HANDS ON SOMEONE FOR NO REASON.

Fuck you fuck you fuck you ALL.

I want to go home